Thursday, November 11, 2010

Primary Childeren's Medical Center

After the helicopter left and we got a hold of ourselves, we loaded up all of our hospital junk and ran to the house to grab a few things before we headed to Salt Lake. We arrived there at about 4:00 am, thus making 3 nights in a row with pretty much no sleep at all. We couldn't see the baby when we first got there because they were busy doing all kinds of tests, x-rays, echoes and labs on her. So they stuck us in one of their "family rooms" where we could get some sleep (but let me tell you, it was certainly not made for really getting sleep). By the next day they had ruled out the kinked artery, the lung problems, and her infection was almost better. All really good news right? That is what we said then, and it is still good news, but when everything comes back "normal" but things are clearly not "normal" you almost start wishing something would come back horribly wrong, and I certainly wish that if they were going to find something wrong, it would have been at this point in the story. Things get a lot more un-diagnosable, and un-treatable the farther into it you get. At this point in the story they just can't figure out why her saturation levels keep dropping, considering her lungs seem absolutely fine. So they decided to put her on caffeine, to help expand her lungs, even though she was not a preemie and her lungs were expanded fine already, they seemed to be out of other ideas.

note: the doctors still seem to insist that caffeine had nothing to do with this next part of the story, but I still tend to think otherwise.

The day they started her on caffeine, I was holding her, and Logan and I noticed that she was suddenly having extremely rhythmic motions with her face and limbs right before her saturation levels dropped. So Logan started timing this strange discovery and realized that she appeared to be having some strange kind of seizure every 45 seconds, lasting about 45 seconds.

Another side note: When I was young, my dad bought Ruby Red Squirt once (he loved Squirt) and he didn't realize that "Ruby Red" was really just an excuse to put caffeine in Squirt. It caused my seizures to flare up. Which is why I still find it too coincidental that her seizures suddenly decided to flare up right after they put her on caffeine.

When we told them what we were noticing, they took her off caffeine (since she didn't need it anyway) and at the same time, put her on the first of many anti-convulsant drugs. One of these two things seemed to slow her seizures down from every 45 seconds to every 2 minutes, and although there are many things in between (I will post them up here as soon as I can), "every 2 minutes" is where we still are today.

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