Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What I Did Today

I feel like writing a little something every day for a while. It might be a good way to help me get into the habit of writing on a regular basis. It's good for me. Anyway, not that anyone really cares what I did today since it was slightly boring, but today I did a little bit of everything and a little bit of nothing. I played with peppermint play dough with my son (thanks pinterest!!), he loves it!… until he throws it all over the floor, then I know he is done (I'm sure many mothers can relate). I took some photos, most of them were crap but it was fun and a good experience because I was trying things I've never tried before and am now excited to get better at a new found photography trick. Yes I know that everyone and their dog these days wants to be a photographer but can I just say "I absolutely LOVE it!" I haven't been this passionate about a hobby for a LONG TIME! I also worked on the barn animal quiet book page I am currently making, Boston has seen me working on it off and on for a long time now and can hardly stand having to wait for it to be done! He is such a cutie, he makes my days happy even if he is a stinker sometimes, loves getting into things he knows he's not supposed to, has started into the ultimate tantrum stage and recently learned how to have a "meltdown". And then I did some of the usual work stuff: laundry… dishes… picking up toys and everything else that has been pulled apart throughout my house by little hands… made dinner… considered making a pie, and then decided to save that part for tomorrow, and cleaned the bathrooms. ANYWAY, now that I've stated all the things I did that no one but me actually cares about, let me just finish by saying that I also did some nothing today, like watched mickey mouse clubhouse with Boston (including acting out the hot dog dance together), and played a little animal crossing, yep, the only video game that I've ever been addicted to… wait, scratch that, I forgot about lego batman and lego harry potter, haha. Well, now that the day is over, I can't quite decide if today was a productive day or not. I guess it was one of those "somewhere in the middle" sort of days. Tomorrow is a "pilates in the morning" day… that always makes the day seem more productive somehow. :) What do you do to feel productive? And what is your favorite way to get in your daily exercise?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Why My Children WILL Believe In Santa

    Note: This is my personal blog where I like to use it as a journal for me to remember my feeling and ideas and any one who wants to read it may do so but need not get offended because it is just my personal opinions which everyone is entitled to. And while you have the right to your own opinion, I would appreciate not getting rude comments if you feel differently than I do (save that for your own blog post like I did). I do not have the intention of offending anyone, which is partially why I post it here and not on Facebook.  

Hello. It's been a while since I've posted anything on my blog. Mostly because, despite my love of writing, my mind always seems to be on other things with other things to do, so the blog part gets neglected. However, lately, my mind keeps going back to one thing and I really feel like writing about it. 

As the holidays approach, it seems like everywhere I look, instead of how excited people are about the holidays, Facebook and everywhere else I look is just full of things like "Why my kids will NOT believe in Santa" & "Christmas: The biggest lie of them all" & "BAD PARENTING: Making your kids believe the epitome of hypocrisy that is Santa Claus", etc. etc. etc…

While I will be the first to say that there IS too much focus on toys, lumps of coal, and commercialism surrounding Christmas, and that the true meaning of Christmas (which is to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ) is often overlooked, I also believe in moderation in all things (Unless it is truly BAD for you or against my religious beliefs, which Santa is not). 

I feel very strongly that going too far in either direction, even a direction that is supposedly "good" can and usually does end up being "bad". For example, in my family history, I have cases of both directions. In one story, one of my close relatives grew up in a family that was full of bad choice after bad choice, drugs, alcohol, abuse, you name it, and this relative grew up knowing that they wanted to be anything but what they grew up with and they turned out really well. Yet on the other hand, another close relation, grew up in the opposite where their parents were very "good", too good, to the point of saying "Music is not allowed unless it is religious music, rock music is of the devil, you are not allowed to wear clothes that don't fit my rules, etc. etc." and this said relation grew up wanting to be anything but what their parents made them be and left home at a young age and ended up in some really not good situations. Both these situations happen all the time.

So, why say that because you want to avoid the Bad, Lying, Hypocrisy of Santa Claus, your kids WILL NOT believe he comes to town every Christmas Eve? Isn't that kind of like forcing them to do and believe something that YOU want them to believe without giving them a choice while all their classmates are enjoying being children with big hearts, big imaginations, and enjoying the magic? I understand that all children are different and you may have some who are more like me, with big imaginations who love believing in magic no matter how impossible it seems and you may have some children who are more logical and just can't understand how something like flying reindeer could be real, and if I have a child like that I will not force them to believe it, I will sit them down and explain to them that Santa was a real man from a long time ago who spent his life giving to others, just as we should try to be, and that it is such a wonderful story that helps small children understand what Christmas is all about and that is why we continue with the tradition of Santa, and please don't ruin it for your siblings. 

So if you don't like what Santa has become, don't tell your kids that if they aren't perfect angels all year long Santa will bring them coal. Don't  use it as a threat that hangs over their heads every second of October, November and December. But for crying out loud! Don't take away the magic! Anyone who says "my kids will not believe in Santa but they WILL have just as magical of a Christmas as everyone else" is kidding themselves. I see nothing wrong with not only LETTING kids believe, but also ENCOURAGING kids too believe. 

I can't imagine my life without believing in "magic" (Yes, Disneyland is still my most favorite place on earth, and yes I do enjoy believing in fairies). And even though I, obviously, know that it is me and my husband putting a present from Santa under the tree, I too want to believe in Santa because it keeps the magic of giving alive. It lets me feel like a kid again, which in turn makes Christmas less stressful (that is another thing I see ALL OVER THE PLACE, "Christmas, the most stressful time of the year…"). People keep saying, "My kids will know that the presents under the tree are from their parents and that the reason they are getting them is because we love them", as if people who's children believe in Santa don't know that presents are because their parents love them. Duh, get over yourself! 

When I was a child, my parents (Who are literally some of THE MOST loving, spiritually minded, Christlike people in existence) would give us a bunch of presents from them "Because they love us" and we would each get one present, wrapped in Santa paper, from Santa… Not because we were absolute angels who never did anything wrong, not because he checked his list twice and decided we weren't naughty, but because Santa Claus is an amazing story of giving that DOES tie into the true meaning of Christmas and the birth of Christ if you let it (it reminds me of a Christmas decoration that my grandma always had of Santa Claus lovingly holding baby Jesus), and it encourages kids to use their imagination (which is a good thing whether some people think so or not), and adds even more special magic to Christmas, for both children and their parents.

From what I've seen of people "sharing" their "enlightened" feelings of why their kids will not believe in Santa Claus, all it adds up to in the long run is more controversial, negative, anti-Christmas garbage to put a downer on the holiday spirit. And yes, I realize that this adds to it too, but when I realized that nowhere do you find a "Why I encourage (notice I did not say force) my kids to believe in Santa" post anywhere, even when you google it all you come up with is the "why they will not"stuff, I decided I needed to make one to show up for the other view of things. 

So to those people out there who claim that "my kids will know the story of Santa and know that he was a good man, but WILL NOT believe in the lie that he now is" I would like to say that maybe this is too far the other direction. I do not feel that the right way to go about fixing something negative is to go completely opposite but rather to look for the positive instead. It just seems a lot like running away from a problem instead of taking it as a challenge to find the positive and learn from it. Just like in all other aspects of life. There is good in belief that Santa Claus comes to town.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


So this is clearly a little late, but things get a little crazy when you first have a baby! 

Our cute little guy is finally here and he is as cute as can be and such a sweet boy. He is a happy little guy and is also perfectly healthy, which we are so happy about! As weird as it may sound to some people out there, I actually enjoyed the labor and delivery experience this time. He was born in the middle of the day which made for a happy, energetic atmosphere which was nice, I definitely prefer having a baby during the day! I swear we ended up in the same rooms this time around as we did with Cadence, both in the labor and delivery and also in the mom and baby rooms. It's great to be able to take our baby home! We are enjoying this new adventure!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Whiten your teeth!... the cheap and natural way

I seriously love finding natural, healthy, cheap, and fun beauty recipes to make myself and wanted to share a few. I hope you enjoy them too!! :)

I (like everyone else I'm sure) have tried my fair share of teeth whitening products and none of those nasty strips ever seemed to work well enough to be worth the money I spent. However, now that I am looking for ways to be more "frugal" and have also started loving natural, homemade things more and more, I decided to give the baking soda thing a try. I've seen several things that say to use baking soda to whiten your teeth, and a few that also mention adding strawberries to it, but... I tried the strawberry thing once and EW! It was THE MOST nasty thing ever! My husband walked in and when I told him what I was doing and how nasty it was he said "yeah, it kinda smells like throw up", so take it from me and DON'T add the strawberries! Anyway, I've been saying forever that I needed to go have my teeth whitened and they were driving me nuts, but I just decided to give baking soda a try and from the very first time I used it I noticed a HUGE difference! Isn't it amazing how many uses there are for that cheap little box of white powder? I am convinced that I will never waste money on those nasty bleach strips ever again. Here's what I suggest:


I use a small shot glass or a pinch bowl to mix mine in. I also have a cute little jar and spoon that I labeled "baking soda" that I keep next to the sink in the bathroom.

Option 1: The simplest way

Put a small amount of baking soda in the palm of your hand, add a tiny bit of water to make it paste consistency, put it on your toothbrush and brush with it for 2 minutes.

Option 2: My preferred way

Put a small amount of baking soda in the palm of your hand (or cup, bowl, etc.), add a few drops of water to form a thick paste, then add a tiny amount of regular toothpaste to it. This makes a better consistency and also makes it taste a bit better. Then brush your teeth with it.

I do this a few times a week. Once my teeth reach the whiteness I want then I'll probably only do it once every couple of weeks.

PS: If you like essential oils like me, you could always add a drop or two of those as well. Peppermint if you want it to taste and smell better, "Deliverance" (Butterfly Express) or "On Guard" (DoTerra) to kill germs and keep you from getting sick, basically whatever you want.

Also, I learned that apparently flouride is really NOT very good for your teeth, but using baking soda is not only helpful on your teeth but is also very good for your gums and keeping away gum problems. Just a side note. ;)

I hope this works as well or you as it does for my husband and me!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My 6 month Picture

I know that some of you out there always want to see pregnancy pictures, I always think I look a little weird in them (I guess I need someone like Jenni who knows how to take REAL pregnancy pictures!). But here is one for those of you who like to see them anyway. This is my 6 month picture. I just hit the 7 month mark yesterday so it's a little "outdated". I guess I need to take another one!  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moving on

So I originally started this blog as a way to keep people updated on what was going on with our angel baby Cadence. I had a hard time keeping up with posts or wanting to move on to different posts for quite a while after she left. However, I think it's about time to do so now. It just makes sense to have this be a blog about "Logan & Sarah's life together" in general rather than saying "well it was about Cadence and since she's moved on to a better place now we'll never have need to update this blog again". So anyway... obviously Cadence is still in our hearts, she's probably always somewhere near, she'll always be a part of our family and could never be replaced, and someday we'll have her back, but for now, we have another little one to write about: Cadence's "coming soon" little brother, Boston. He is due on June 18th, loves to wiggle, currently weighs about 2 pounds and I can feel that he is getting bigger by the day! We are still in the process of transitioning the baby room from pink to blue but it's getting there! I've made him so many cute things already! I guess that's the bonus to not working a 50 to 60 hour a week job with this pregnancy! The incredibly lower stress level is also nice. I've made him several cute blankets (and hear from various people that there are several other cute blankets on the way), crocheted some baby washcloths, made him some crinkly ribbon toys, some "cloth diaper burp cloths" and even got EXTRA ambitious and made a diaper bag (which I must admit I'm pretty proud of!). Anyway, we are both really excited to have a little summer baby to take for walks in the stroller, as well as the plus that we won't have to worry as much about RSV for a few months. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just A Thought

Just a thought:  Tomorrow would be Cadence's 5 month birthday. Everytime we come to another "would be milestone" I get the sinking feeling that I am missing out on my daughters life. Then I remember that that isn't really the case.

Obviously the only reason Cadence came to this earth when she did was to get a body. At least I can feel good knowing that I accomplished giving her the most perfect little body she could ask for. Aside from the fact that her brain cells had issues, the ultrasound technician said she had an absolutely perfect brain and all the thousands of tests said the same thing. So, someday, when we see her again, even her brain cells will be perfect (assuming that was even what was wrong in the first place).

With all that's been happening in the world lately and with everything that has been in the news, that "some day" is looking to be closer than I thought. I'm not sure if that is good or bad. Good that we will see our loved ones again, good that this seemingly endless wickedness really will come to an end, but not so good that there is even more unfathomable wickedness and devastating destruction to come! Do I really want to live to see that? I think so, the end result will be so glorious a thing to behold that all the bad leading up to it will seem like nothing. And best of all (aside from, let's not forget, seeing Christ!), I will see my Cadence again, at exactly the age she was when she left.