Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moving on

So I originally started this blog as a way to keep people updated on what was going on with our angel baby Cadence. I had a hard time keeping up with posts or wanting to move on to different posts for quite a while after she left. However, I think it's about time to do so now. It just makes sense to have this be a blog about "Logan & Sarah's life together" in general rather than saying "well it was about Cadence and since she's moved on to a better place now we'll never have need to update this blog again". So anyway... obviously Cadence is still in our hearts, she's probably always somewhere near, she'll always be a part of our family and could never be replaced, and someday we'll have her back, but for now, we have another little one to write about: Cadence's "coming soon" little brother, Boston. He is due on June 18th, loves to wiggle, currently weighs about 2 pounds and I can feel that he is getting bigger by the day! We are still in the process of transitioning the baby room from pink to blue but it's getting there! I've made him so many cute things already! I guess that's the bonus to not working a 50 to 60 hour a week job with this pregnancy! The incredibly lower stress level is also nice. I've made him several cute blankets (and hear from various people that there are several other cute blankets on the way), crocheted some baby washcloths, made him some crinkly ribbon toys, some "cloth diaper burp cloths" and even got EXTRA ambitious and made a diaper bag (which I must admit I'm pretty proud of!). Anyway, we are both really excited to have a little summer baby to take for walks in the stroller, as well as the plus that we won't have to worry as much about RSV for a few months. :)


  1. I love this post. Thank you for keeping us updated on your family. It must be so hard sometimes thinking about Cadence, she was so beautiful and perfect and it is wonderful that you can all be together someday. She will be a sweet guardian angel to her new little brother and I'm sure she'll be a big part of helping him live a good life.

    I'm so thrilled you're expecting and June is the greatest month for a baby (Erin's b-day is June 20th). We miss seeing you guys, and I hope to see you out strolling the streets with Boston when he comes.

    Please post pictures of your magnificent creations, I love seeing pictures of creative cute baby things.

  2. Sarah I cant even tell you how Happy I am for you guys to be expecting a little boy in a few months Congrats! WE will keep you guys in our prayers!