Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just A Thought

Just a thought:  Tomorrow would be Cadence's 5 month birthday. Everytime we come to another "would be milestone" I get the sinking feeling that I am missing out on my daughters life. Then I remember that that isn't really the case.

Obviously the only reason Cadence came to this earth when she did was to get a body. At least I can feel good knowing that I accomplished giving her the most perfect little body she could ask for. Aside from the fact that her brain cells had issues, the ultrasound technician said she had an absolutely perfect brain and all the thousands of tests said the same thing. So, someday, when we see her again, even her brain cells will be perfect (assuming that was even what was wrong in the first place).

With all that's been happening in the world lately and with everything that has been in the news, that "some day" is looking to be closer than I thought. I'm not sure if that is good or bad. Good that we will see our loved ones again, good that this seemingly endless wickedness really will come to an end, but not so good that there is even more unfathomable wickedness and devastating destruction to come! Do I really want to live to see that? I think so, the end result will be so glorious a thing to behold that all the bad leading up to it will seem like nothing. And best of all (aside from, let's not forget, seeing Christ!), I will see my Cadence again, at exactly the age she was when she left.


  1. You have the most beautiful testimony!

  2. Wow sarah you do have such a strong testimony, i really needed to hear something like that, You always were the strong one. You are amazing