Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What I Did Today

I feel like writing a little something every day for a while. It might be a good way to help me get into the habit of writing on a regular basis. It's good for me. Anyway, not that anyone really cares what I did today since it was slightly boring, but today I did a little bit of everything and a little bit of nothing. I played with peppermint play dough with my son (thanks pinterest!!), he loves it!… until he throws it all over the floor, then I know he is done (I'm sure many mothers can relate). I took some photos, most of them were crap but it was fun and a good experience because I was trying things I've never tried before and am now excited to get better at a new found photography trick. Yes I know that everyone and their dog these days wants to be a photographer but can I just say "I absolutely LOVE it!" I haven't been this passionate about a hobby for a LONG TIME! I also worked on the barn animal quiet book page I am currently making, Boston has seen me working on it off and on for a long time now and can hardly stand having to wait for it to be done! He is such a cutie, he makes my days happy even if he is a stinker sometimes, loves getting into things he knows he's not supposed to, has started into the ultimate tantrum stage and recently learned how to have a "meltdown". And then I did some of the usual work stuff: laundry… dishes… picking up toys and everything else that has been pulled apart throughout my house by little hands… made dinner… considered making a pie, and then decided to save that part for tomorrow, and cleaned the bathrooms. ANYWAY, now that I've stated all the things I did that no one but me actually cares about, let me just finish by saying that I also did some nothing today, like watched mickey mouse clubhouse with Boston (including acting out the hot dog dance together), and played a little animal crossing, yep, the only video game that I've ever been addicted to… wait, scratch that, I forgot about lego batman and lego harry potter, haha. Well, now that the day is over, I can't quite decide if today was a productive day or not. I guess it was one of those "somewhere in the middle" sort of days. Tomorrow is a "pilates in the morning" day… that always makes the day seem more productive somehow. :) What do you do to feel productive? And what is your favorite way to get in your daily exercise?

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